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Are You Anxious About Debt?

At Castro Law, we understand how hard it is to even consider declaring bankruptcy. Most people do not accrue debt with the intention of not paying it back, but the unexpected often happens: loss of a job, serious illness, failure of a business. These events can sometimes create a vicious cycle of over-borrowing, “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and ultimately make paying back your debts impossible.
You can only take the stress for so long- the frequent calls and letters from creditors begin to take their toll on your relationships, your work and your health! But you don’t want to ruin your credit and feel like you have failed. What should you do?
You should stop losing sleep over what to do next. You need to take action: Speak with one of our attorneys and we will help you understand your options and plan for a brighter future.
Call Castro Law today and arrange for a free consultation. You will be glad you did!

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