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CAUTION: California Corporations & LLCs May Be Subject to Administrative Dissolution!

NEW LAW 2019: AB 2503 - CAUTION TO CORPORATIONS AND LLC'S   In today’s day and age, the corporate world is always shifting, and new legislation passes every year that changes the way California businesses must conduct themselves. Recently, AB 2503 was signed into law and will be effective starting January 1, 2019. This law directly impacts how the California Franchise Tax Board can dissolve and dismantle a California entity for something as innocent as failure to pay annual fees. If an entity has been suspended for a specific period of time by the Franchise Tax Board, the FTB can notify the...

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“THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT IS CHANGE.”      ~Heraclitus of Ephesus   An estate plan is written to reflect your situation at a specific point in time. As we all know, our lives are constantly changing. Some of our life-changing circumstances are anticipated, but many are not. As your circumstances change, so should your estate plan. The following are 10 life changes that should trigger you to review your current estate plan:   Marriage – this is especially important when you have a blended family. Remarriage – is there a need for a prenuptial agreement? Do you want your new spouse and their...

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